Personal Style Choices


I know exactly what is in the shops, what will suit you and will only suggest what you love.


Let me use my expertise and insight to show you how to dress better everyday, and shop in a better way for the future.



I can help you build a capsule wardrobe for everyday essentials that will never let you down. I can help you understand what styles, shades and labels you can rely on, what seasonal trends will work for you and which fads to avoid. Using my knowledge of the high street and the more exclusive brands and boutiques, I can ensure you avoid wasting money. Often we need to buy less, and instead put more thought into each purchase. I can help you buy clothes that enhance your best features. This way you will spend less but know that you have a wardrobe full of wonderful clothes that you can’t wait to wear. I have great working relationships with many designer stores and regularly use their VIP areas. This means that if you come shopping with me you, you can expect a very rewarding experience.



Let me work together with you to help your own style evolve and flourish so that every time you leave the house you feel on top of the world!  We can work together in a number of ways; online, on the high street or I can come to your own home and we can detox your wardrobe.  If you prefer I can work with a variety of the stores to get the clothes we choose delivered to you to try on in the comfort of your own home, with no commitment to buy. 



Wardrobe consultation

Starting a wardrobe revamp without a plan is like heading off on a road trip without a map. Defining your goals will help prevent the most common mistake of aimlessly buying a bunch of so-so pieces as a quick fix. I would recommend you reserve a couple of hours to go through your wardrobe piece by piece and get rid of anything that doesn't make you feel confident and inspired. A thorough closet detox is hugely important so you will have a clear canvas before you can add new stuff on top. You need to see what areas in your wardrobe are already well-stocked and where there are gaps. It’s important to get a clear overview on how your current closet compares to your new-found personal style, so you can set priorities when it's time to shop for new pieces. .


My aim is to help you understand what best suits your body shape and colouring so that in the future you always buy well.



Total 3 hours £200  Extra £65 per hour



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