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Shanaz has rebooted my wardrobe and made me feel great about clothes again. Being a busy working mum, buying clothes fell to the bottom of my priority list. My body had changed after kids - I knew a lot of old clothes didn't fit, but didn't really know what to replace them with.


Shanaz listened carefully to my needs - a mix and match set of staples for work and play achieving clever detailing, a hint of luxury but without being over the top.  She offered loads of practical advice - the cuts and fabrics that suit my body shape, how to draw the eye away from the things you want to de-emphasise and towards things you want to emphasise, how to be bolder with colour and pattern. Getting rid of my old clothes was therapeutic.


When trying on new clothes Shanaz struck the right balance of challenge and support and it became clear which brands and styles suited me. The clothes we've bought together are elegant, versatile and easily the hardest working pieces in my wardrobe. 


Getting dressed takes me half the time it used to. I feel good in my clothes again. I couldn't recommend Shanaz highly enough.


Investment Director

Hampstead, London





Shanaz, is one of the first people I go to when I need style and fashion inspiration. She is unique, in that she is not swayed by trends and can be relied upon to spot the real 'pieces' to invest in.


I love her honesty and I can count on her to give her true opinion. In our world of throw-away-fashion, Shanaz has her eye on real clothes which you will want to wear day in day out; This is what is so unique about her service.


Shanaz, is also very focused on getting value for money, and very candid on what not to buy, which very few Personal Shoppers, are willing to do.


I love that Shanaz also does not hoover up clothes and she is focused on creating a capsule wardrobe for her clients that really delivers.

Anne Marie Gee



Style starts with you


I am an experienced Personal Stylist who knows how to dress different body shapes. It is vital for everyone to know their body shape. People often wear clothes that do not fit or flatter them, sometimes out of habit or just because they don't know what suits their shape.  Sometimes it's hard to evaluate your own body shape and what might have suited you ten years ago, no longer works with getting older, pregnancies post babies, therefore it's really valuable to see a professional who can assist with the right look and prevent you from wasting your money on clothes that do not work for you.




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